How to implement any CRM system in 5 steps

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a 21 century approach to managing an organization’s interaction with current and potential customers. In general, CRM will compile data from a range of different communication channels such as: telephone, email, live chat, websites, printing materials and social media. Well implemented CRM system therefore enables flexible marketing, visible sales, while cutting cost. It also helps company employees build and maintain customer relationships, increase profitability, and drive growth. And all of it in one system!

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Difference between ERP and CRM

Our customers often ask what is the difference between ERP and CRM system?

In the era of Artificial Intelligence having an organization covered by information system to help bring all participants to one table is a norm. This is why more and more organizations are looking into this subject.

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StoreReport is new App published by Data Solutions Labs LLC.

Store Report allows Skubana users to easily view/export reports from various stores.

Store Report App:

1) Features first true spreadsheets for Skubana
2) Has advanced smart data grid
3) View and repair errors in Skubana

Plans starts at $99 with 7 days trial period. Fore more info visit our official website.

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