The basics of data recovery strategy

It is a common mistake that data recovery and backup strategy are the same? Obviously they are not. Data recovery strategy involves steps to follow when data loss occurs while backup strategy should prevent data loss. It is irrelevant how big your company is when it comes to data loss. Some believe that only largeContinue reading “The basics of data recovery strategy”

Tips For Protecting Your Data

To keep your data safe, you need to regularly monitor system health and carry out some routine maintenance. 1. Updating Your System: Users should keep their systems up to date at all times. Updates should never negatively impact the stability of your computer, but back up your data before running major updates. If the updateContinue reading “Tips For Protecting Your Data”

What should I do if I have already lost data?

* Don’t Panic In case you had data loss try to be calm and review the ¬†current situation. The process of reviewing and possibly writing down a synopsis of the situation is the first step toward preparing for a data recovery. A rush attempt to recover lost files may cause more data to be lost,Continue reading “What should I do if I have already lost data?”