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New ReFS (Resilient File System) for Windows 8

A Consumer Preview of the new version of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (Windows 8) has been presented. Along with many innovative features there is the new file system ReFS (Resilient File System – originally named “Protogon”). ReFS is file system designed primarily to replace the aging NTFS (New Technology File System) presented almost 20 years … Continue reading

Best NAS drive: 8 on test

NAS (network attached storage) devices certainly aren’t the most glamorous gadgets you can have in your home. A network-connected hard drive might seem like a remnant from a home office – a backup necessity for over-paranoid users and not much more. Early NAS devices – and even some new no-frills budget ones – do little … Continue reading

RAID Data Recovery

Data Solutions provides data recovery services from RAID and NAS (Network Attached Storage) server platforms. We posses top-level technology, expert knowledge and experience necessary for data recovery from RAID platforms. Data restoration services from RAID systems includes, but is not limited to RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 arrays. Over the years we were able to … Continue reading

Sodium Chloride (Salt) Could Allow for 18 Terabyte Hard Drives?

Conventional hard disks have randomly distributed nanoscopic magnetic grains – with a few tens of grains used to form one bit enables the latest hard disk models to hold up to 0.5 Terabit per square inch of information.Manufacturers currently use tiny grains of around 7 to 8-nm in size deposited on the surface of storage … Continue reading