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StoreReport is new App published by Data Solutions Labs LLC. Store Report allows Skubana users to easily view/export reports from various stores. Store Report App: 1) Features first true spreadsheets for Skubana 2) Has advanced smart data grid 3) View and repair errors in Skubana Plans starts at $99 with 7 days trial period. Fore more info … Continue reading

Smart Marine Electronics – Sailduino

Sailduino is a smart marine computer system based on Arduino and Adobe AIR. Sailduino is designed for those who believes that off the shelf, navigation and marine electronics just aren’t good enough, or they come with a big price tag. Although still in development we hope Sailduino solution will bring confidence and reliability to our … Continue reading

New Data Recovery/Erase Special Interest Group

Last week at the Flash Memory Summit, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and its Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) announced the creation of a new Special Interest Group to deal with data recovery and secure erasure problems. Solid state storage presents a huge problem when we need to to recover data from it. Data … Continue reading

Top Posts in April

Flash Translation Layer Recent technological advances in the development of flash memory based devices are consolidating their leadership position as the preferred storage media in embedded systems at the enterprise-scale as well as in end user storage systems. Unlike hard disks, flash devices are free of any mechanical moving parts. Thye have no seek or … Continue reading

Molecule-Based Magnets For Data Storage

Some years ago scientists started research of single-molecule magnets and magnetism of nanoparticles. For a long time molecules were considered as a non-magnetic materials, but this may be have been based on wrong assumption. The latest research shows that molecules can carry a relatively large magnetic moment. These are the Single-molecule magnets or SMM. SMM … Continue reading

His Work Led to a Remarkable Increase in the Computer Storage Capacity

The news about British scientist Prof Stuart Parkin who won the 2014 Millennium technology prize for research that has led to a phenomenal increase in storage capacity of digital devices and announced the era of cloud computing, was not a surprise. The physicist joins past winners including the inventor of the world wide web, Sir … Continue reading

USB 3.1

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has presented some of the specifications of future USB 3.1 standard. The main improvement is increase the speed of data transfer, which is achieved primarily thanks to a more efficient way of encoding data. The best part is according to announcements USB 3.1 connectors will be fully compatible with the … Continue reading

Seagate goes the other way: HAMR

As the price of helium goes up one of the most abundant elements in the universe is getting harder to get. The US accounts for 75% of the world’s Helium supply, and the prices are set by the federal government who recently indicated that prices will go up more than 10% in 2013. In one … Continue reading

New Western Digital Helium Hard Disk Drives

New Western Digital (WD) hard disk drives have a new design. WD introduced a model in which its mechanic component is filled with helium, not air like it used to be! New design may allow the company to improve technical features of the disk drive. Western Digital made announcement that new 3.5-inch hard drive has … Continue reading

DNA as data storage

DNA is the building block of life, but in the near future it may be used to store our data, as well. DNA can pack data really densely. A single gram of DNA holds more than a 700 TB and it is not nearly as sensitive or fragile as existing data centers. Just recently researchers … Continue reading