What we do?

We provide technology-driven services to help companies, agencies and organizations in finding efficient and cost-effectively solutions for their business.

Expert Data Recovery Services

data recovery mediaData Solutions Labs’s experts, our advanced technology, extensive parts inventory, years of experience, enable us to recover data from all hard drives, various storage devices, removable media and flash memory chips. We specialize in data recovery from devices that have been dropped, sustained water or fire damage, suffered corruption, power failure or simply unrecoverable by others.

In the past 14 years we have developed technology able to recover data from almost any storage device, such as but, not limited to: Hard drives, RAID, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, Magnetic Media, etc. As a result, we present success rate of up to 98% having full and complete data recovery for our various client’s cases, leaving them satisfied and secured. In most cases we are dealing with complex issues which others are simply unable to resolve and have data recovered. When time is of the absolute essence, we offer emergency data recovery service and dedicate attention 24/7 to address your access to data issues from any storage device. We successfully perform hard drive data recovery, RAID data recovery, data recovery from NAS, SAN and other multi-disk server configurations or other sources of digital media. Our comprehensive approach regarding all matters related to data storage allows us to offer the highest quality of service, while maintaining some of the most competitive pricing options available in the industry.

Data Recovery Research And Development

In the past 3 years we colaborate on the project ADRECA or Advanced Data Recovery Analytics. Our research led to the industry first data recovery on-line cost estimator. Current public beta on-line edition is getting ready for the official launch. ADRECA’s service Free Data Recovery Quote has several important features such as: accurate estimate of cost, time necessary for recovery of data, detailed instructions on how to deal with data storage devices ofther data loss, etc. You may follow ADRECA’s official blog for more details.

Data Recovery Blog

helpful tipsWe are blogging about storage devices, data loss, storage technology and other subjects closely related to data recovery. Our bloggers are passionate about data recovery and pros in their field of expertise such as engineering, 3D modeling and printing, Arduino Technology as well as Computer and Mobile Forensics. Stay up to date with this blog since articles are a product of our extensive training experience. We are proud to our commitment to implement the latest advances and innovations in the field of data recovery, data security, computer forensics and new storage technology.

Software Development

softwaredevFor over a decade and in cooperation with Frame House Media we develop web based applications and websites. Recently we started working on Windows, Android and IOS apps. Some apps may not be available through their respective stores.

Other software development is closely related to data recovery, data carving and computer forensics.

Our Mission

” To contribute with passion our customers success by anticipating and serving their needs with commitment, expertise and technologies.”

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