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Flash Translation Layer

Flash Translation LayerRecent technological advances in the development of flash memory based devices are consolidating their leadership position as the preferred storage media in embedded systems at the enterprise-scale as well as in end user storage systems. Unlike hard disks, flash devices are free of any mechanical moving parts. Thye have no seek or rotational latency and consume significantly less power. However, the internal design of flash technology make its performance highly dependent on workload characteristics provided by the Flash Translation Layer (FTL). The design of the FTL which basically performs virtual-to-physical address translations and hides “bad blocks” or the “erase-before-write” characteristics of flash. Our previous article was all about Flash File Systems, this time we write more about the Flash Translation Layer.


Flash File Systems

Flash File SystemsIn very simple approximation a flash file system is designed for storing files on flash memory–based storage devices, such as NAND memory chips. Although they share the same name with the rest of the file systems such as FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS or EXT, the flash file systems are optimized for the characteristics of flash memory. At this point a fair question might be: Why do we need a flash file system when there are already so many other files systems in use?

My Data Recovery Tips: What Do I Do If Data Loss Occurs?

My Data Recovery Tips: What Do I Do If Data Loss Occurs?Technology has made such a huge impact in our daily lives. The uses and benefits we employ today seem almost limit less. One of the greatest advances we enjoy is the ability to easily and quickly store our data. Around the world, even as you read this, a mind-boggling amount of digital data is being stored in the form of pictures, documents and other file types. The most technological novice among us is likely utilizing digital storage in one form or fashion, even if it’s simply through the use of Gmail or some other type e-mail account.

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