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Black Box

How Much Does Priceless CostWhen you hear the term ‘Black Box’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most would say an Airplane’s Flight Recorder. Then wonder, what does this have to do with a blog posted by a data recovery service provider Well, it has everything to do with our business. In fact, many would consider this the capstone of the data recovery business. The very moment when years spent working in the field culminates in a job that’s importance rivals all work done before it. The greatest challenge a data recovery provider might ever encounter would be related to the Black Box, also known as an Airplanes Flight Recorder. But, this is not a story about an emergency call in the night or a tragic story of some horrific accident. It is about how an orange metal box, capable of withstanding the most extreme type of damage from fire, pressure or impact, became an object of interest for a data recovery service provider. This interesting object called the Black Box.


How Much Does Priceless Cost?

How Much Does Priceless CostPhotos are very important, that’s something we can all safely agree on. We can also agree that modern technology such as our home appliances, cars or smartphones can fail. Your external hard drive or the one found in your computer, memory card or flash drive often meet with failure as well. Murphy’s law ensures that it will never happen at a convenient time. Statistically speaking, human error accounts for nearly 30% of all data loss. Meaning that you or somebody close in your environment is likely to suffer from data loss soon. The simple fact is that accidents happen. In most cases we accept that as part of life and move on. It doesn’t have to be this way when it comes to recovering lost data.

8TB Solid State Drive

8TB Solid State DriveLast Friday, SanDisk announced the Optimus Max Solid State Drive (SSD), which it claims is the industry’s first 4TB enterprise-class Storage-as-a-Service (SAS)-based SSD built on the 19-nanometre process technology. On the other hand Novachips has two 8TB SSDs they have announced on their website: the NS3700 SATA (Scalar series) and the NS5700 (Express series). The NS5700 HLSSD is a PCIe gen 2 x4 connected device with NVMe and has a single controller. The technology is HyperLink NAND (HLNAND) it has a ring architecture and uses MLC NAND. Novachips bought HLNAND assets in January from Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. This gave it ownership of a point-to-point ring architecture which they say “outpaces the parallel bus architecture used in most industry standard NAND Flash products”. The HyperLink interface has a serial, point-to-point, daisy-chain topology and connects up to 255 memory devices in a single memory channel, called a “Ring”.

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