Don’t be fool an April fool, backup your data

Three years ago, a bunch of Reddit users declared March 31 World Backup Day, using the clever tagline “Don’t be an April Fool.”

Broken hard disk heads are very common cause of  data loss
Broken hard disk heads are very common cause of data loss

In many of our previous articles we tried to explain different backup techniques. World backup day is still not officially established as a global awareness day but it provides a welcome reminder that we should all keep reviewing our backup strategies.

By definition backup is the process of copying and archiving of computer data so it can be restored later after a data loss event occurs. On the other hand, your backup strategy will basically depend on how much you value your data and how much time you are willing to spend backing it up. These days it is relatively easy and cheap to have access to removable hard drives or cloud service. Backup applications are also at your fingertips with a simple internet search. So not having an additional copy of your important data is simply a bad excuse and since today is World Backup Day we ask you: “When was the last time you backed up your data?”

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