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How To Back Up Your Data?

Concept of Backup

The only way to keep yourself completely safe is to choose an effective data backup method and back up your important files and folders regularly.

In this article we take a look at some of the most popular options and their advantages and disadvantages.

{ External Hard Drives and Portable Media }

Many computer users back up data onto portable devices. Modern external hard drives are dependable and inexpensive, and some even provide extra protection by implementing mirroring and many portable devices come with built-in data backup software, which makes it easy to keep files safe.

However, external devices aren’t perfect backup devices as they need to be physically connected to a computer. External devices are also limited in size, and while some external drives have capacities in excess of 4TB, they still aren’t ideal for backing up data from multiple computers. Portable devices are still the good option for personal computer users.

{ Storage Appliances }

Business users often employ storage servers to back up data for all of their computer users and for critical database files. Storage servers are typically configured with RAID 5 or a similar technology, which can prevent server fails.

Storage servers are usually kept onsite, but the major downside of a storage server is high setup and management costs.

{ Cloud Backup Services }

Cloud storage is an good option for both private computer users and businesses that need flexible offsite backup. If you store data in the cloud, it’s safe from any natural disaster, and many cloud backup services have fast data transfer speeds and intuitive software.
The main disadvantage to cloud backup is that users need a consistent connection to the Internet, and cloud services aren’t quite as fast as some of the other options on this list. The bottom line is that cloud services are an inexpensive, powerful and flexible option for data backup.

{ Data Tapes }

Tapes are ideal for organizations that need to keep regular backups of their systems indefinitely. Tapes are inexpensive, but they take a long time to write. They’re not an automatic form of backup, as humans need to switch tapes out to complete backup procedures. Tape drives can also break down over time, resulting in consistency errors with some formats.


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