RAID Data Recovery

Data Solutions provides data recovery services from RAID and NAS (Network Attached Storage) server platforms. We posses top-level technology, expert knowledge and experience necessary for data recovery from RAID platforms. Data restoration services from RAID systems includes, but is not limited to RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 arrays.

Over the years we were able to recover valuable data from RAID arrays with one or more damaged hard drives. File and operating system type, amount of data, different kinds of malfunctions, or time frame do not represent an obstacle, only a challenge to our technicians. Usually, data recovery from RAID systems is treated as an urgent case.

hard disk data recovery

Process is started by diagnosing what caused the system failure. As soon as we get separate medias able to access data zones, we copy all the sectors of every single media. After cloning the drives, our engineers will evaluate success rate of RAID reconstruction. During this procedure, we will complete media evaluation to determine is any damaged or malfunctioning drive.

The above mentioned analysis reveals any data errors and possible damage (bad blocks). Often, it is neccessary to repair so

me of the drives in array. During this procedure, in cases where the array is made of hard drives, and those drives have mechanical failures, we perform components swap inside disc casing, using our class 100 clean place.

In cases where there was multiple disc failure, we have to repair all the malfunctions. After we gain sector access, we create so called disk images, and then our technicians can begin reconstructing the array. More information about Data Recovery from hard disk drives.

In cases when RAID in question was made with SSD, we have to copy all the sectors from every single drive.

It is important to know that RAID systems usually arent protected from voltage surges or human error, which is the cause of malfunction in 50% of the cases. On the other side, the term RAID is short for redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks, so experience is needed in the configuration to provide long and stable workhours.

Although RAID configuration are usually associated with medium and large corporations, it should be pointed out that a large number of USB storages is delivered in RAID configuration. Even though they are comprised from two or four drives, data recovery from these media can be extremly demanding.

As RAID data recovery is a complex procedure which demands constant learning and skill perfection, technicians in our laboratory arecurrently learning to use new software-hardware solution. In a joint effort, our partners from Canada, Russia and China have perfected methods for data access after a RAID failure. This technological breakthrough will enable us not only to lower RAID data recovery time, but our prices as well.

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