Hard Drive Data Recovery

hard-disk-data-recovery-data-solutions-labsData Solutions Labs offers full range of data recovery services from all types of hard drives. As proven data recovery experts for the past ten years we managed to implement the highest level of success. We specialized in recovering data from damaged hard drives.

Our laboratory has a state-of-the-art technology and our experts are able to recover your crucial data from damaged hard drives from all manufacturers such as but not limited to: Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi or IBM, Maxtor, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Quantum and others. When it comes for recovering data from hard disk drives we are dealing with:


  • Deleted files
  • Viruses
  • File corruption
  • Partitioning errors
  • Re-formatting
  • Damaged File Systems


  • Missing modules
  • Corrupted translator
  • Corrupted tables
  • Reading errors


  • Damaged chip
  • Damaged controler
  • ROM corruption
  • Over-heating


  • Head malfunction
  • Read/Write channel errors
  • Actuator problems
  • Damaged Media
  • HDA Chamber contamination


  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Squall weather
  • Electric shock
  • Sabotage

Usually we are able to recover your data even in cases when most of other “professionals” marked your damaged media as unrecoverable and in most cases that is what we are successful.

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