What you should not do after data loss

Often in cases of data loss, hasty or unsafe actions taken after the initial data loss event lead to even further data loss, or in some cases, permanent data loss. To avoid further damage to your media that could data loss incident in one year per computer prevent a successful recovery, avoid the following actions:

  1. Do not power up any drive that shows obvious signs of physical damage, or that previously made any unusual sounds (such as grinding or clicking noises).
  2. Do not attempt to open any media or physically alter the drive in any way that would cause physical damage to the device.
  3. Do not write any new data to any drive(s) you suspect of having experienced data loss. Doing so may overwrite the data you are trying to recover and reduce the chances of a successful recovery.
  4. Do not format the drive.
  5. Do not attempt to modify any of the partitions on the drive
  6. Avoid using any do-it-yourself “data recovery tools”, especially with any media that shows obvious signs of physical damage, as these can further exacerbate the situation.

It is strongly recommended to isolate and secure any affected media to ensure that it is not physically misplaced or accidentally re-used prior to being submitted to a professional data recovery service.

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