What should I do if I have already lost data?

Broken hdd data loss
If your hard disk drive is making grinding or clicking sounds remove power from the drive as quickly as possible and do not power it up again!

* Don’t Panic
In case you had data loss try to be calm and review the  current situation. The process of reviewing and possibly writing down a synopsis of the situation is the first step toward preparing for a data recovery. A rush attempt to recover lost files may cause more data to be lost, or the data you are seeking to be lost permanently.

* Avoid Using Suspect Media
If you suspect specific media or drives of being involved in data loss, avoid writing any new data to the media or drives in question. Writing new data to your media (including ALL internal, removable or portable drives) may overwrite the data you are trying to recover.

* Check the Basics
In case your media has no symptoms of physical damage or malfunction, try and check some obvious issues that may cause the data to not be accessible:

  • Does your media is properly connected?
  • Have you tried to use your media in another computer or device?
  • Do you have driver or necessary software for the device?
  • Have you upgraded or installed a new operating system?
  • Is the media access-protected? Some media may have a switch or tab that can prevent access to the media.
  • Search the web and try to inform yourself about the best way to have your data recovered.

* Restore from Backup
If you have a backup of lost files, try to restore them. However, do not attempt to restore a backup into or onto the original corrupted data set as you may overwrite some of the lost data.

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One thought on “What should I do if I have already lost data?

  1. Thank you my sweet experts from Brooklyn for recovering my music and photos! Sending kisses to you!


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